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Beast 2.07 guide

Beast 2.07 guide

First of all, I would like to say, that this tutorial has been provided for educational use, and that is its sole purpose

Now before we get into anything too complicated, I would like to explain (very simply) about how trojan horses work. They are not your average virus, they give you the power to connect to a 'victim' remotely, and do a variety of things. Anything, to be precise. There are 2 main components to a trojan, a client (the tool you use to connect to the victim), and the server (the file the the victim runs which enables you to connect to him). The client is used to create server.exe files with custom settings which you specify to enable successful connections.

Sometimes the AV will delete the files or tamper with them, so to be on the safe side shut down your AV then re-download or re-extract the files to be sure they are in correct working order. Note, you will most likely need to manually kill all the processes associated with your anti-virus in order to successfully terminate it.

Dont be alarmed, this file will not harm you whatsoever. When your antivirus dissembled this file, it containted strings that the antivirus deemed harmful, because it finds these same strings in viruses. (geeeezzz i wonder why ... Could it be that this tool creates viruses? :?) So id suggest turning off your antivirus just while you build the server, and while you send it to 'people', because your AV will prevent you from opening the client and will delete any server files you attempt to create.

This tutorial is written and designed around the Beast 2.07 Trojan. It is the most advanced version of the beast, and still remains the best by far. Its loaded with features and is simply hard to beat.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to configure a simple yet effective server file, and also explain what do do from there, and how to obtain valuable D2 Information once connected.

Part 1: Creating your Server and Examining The Beast

This step, believe it or not, is one of the most important. There are tons of options you can have when making a server file, but most arent necessary and increase chances of detection. This section will explain what is necessary and what isnt, and how to make the smallest server possible.

*NOTE* You should have disabled your AV by now.

Step one, would be to load Beast2.07.exe, after you have download and extracted its contents. As you can see, beast has a friendly layout and is easy to use once you are properly educated.

Right on the main screen are 3 important text-fields, and a 2 important buttons.

Host (Where the victims IP goes)
Post (Port you specify)
Password (password you Specify)
Go Beast (Connect to Victim)
Build Server (Create a custom server)

~Other Stuff~

The host field is where the IP of the victim goes (will explain more about this later), port is where the port you specified goes, and password is where the password you specified goes. Go Beast sends the connection request, and if everything is right it will connect.

Build Server is the button you want for this example. This button allows the creation of a new, and unique server for your own personal use.

Go Ahead and click that now.

The program will immediately open up a new window, with 6 tabs on the lefthand side, and the first tab opens automatically. Now you might say, "OmG This is confusing help!" ... and thats what everyone said at first, but im here to help 8)

The first thing were going to do, Is configure your servers connection settings. Remember the port / password on the main page? Thats where you specify both of those values. Also, you set up connection information (injection, where it will reside, and other important details) here.

The first most important connection setting, is how it will actually connect. There are 2 options here, and I will explain how both of them work. There are a variety of things a victim could have that could hinder connection settings, such as a router or a computer firewall, or a router that has a firewall! If they have any of these things, chances are slim you will not be able to connect to them, but there are ways around that you will come to find.

1) SIN Connection
A SIN connection is a reverse connection .. specifically designed for people using routers. When an individual has a router, it will prevent you from directly connecting to them ... so instead of you connecting the server, the server connects to you. However, SIN does not work that much and its not very effective to use.

2) Direct Connection: This method of connection allows you to connect right to the victims computer from your own. Its the most successful, and also the fastest / easiest way to get what you need.

So now, after reading that, lets go ahead and configure it. I will simply tell you what to put, and it will work

Wow .. finally! Click the 'Save Server' Button, and specify where you would like your server.exe file to go.


ANUP said...

hey really good 1 bro..but i have 1 to send file that is build that exe type or bst..
if exe how to creat exe file ..
and how we come to know that i have connected to him/her
reply ..
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an u give me a link to download a beast 2.07????

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if i want to send an file to the victim.. how will i get the reply?

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it s works

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hey bro how to send that .exe to other pc, and how do i know that i am connected to him.

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please tell me what is a host and port what value i have to put there and from where i'll get those values

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my pc is behind a router can i use beast from this location and if my victim is also behind the router than what I have to do plz tell me

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i done... Where is server was saved??
I have all files in desktop i click Save Server and where is this save???
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Anonymous said...

i done... Where is server was saved??
I have all files in desktop i click Save Server and where is this save???
email me to

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cant find anywhere to actually download this , can anyone help me out , if comeone can send me the actualy .zip file please ... . thanks

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i've succesfully created an server.exe file then wat to do , how do i connect with other computers
and make sure tat i'am connected , can anyone help me ??? my id : ...

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Does it works on windows 7

Unknown said...

Does it works on windows 7

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Hey bro after extracted files where to find beast software icon or where to installation icon